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Wallet for MagSafe lets you travel light and leave your main wallet or purse at home. By securely holding 1-3 credit, debit, or ID cards, the Wallet for MagSafe instantly transforms an iPhone into a device that holds everything someone needs to go to the beach or out on the town.


The Wallet's ClickLock no-slip interlock ensures that Wallet for MagSafe stays solidly mounted to the iPhone when using a ClickLock-enabled Speck iPhone case—even when inserting or removing it from the skinniest jeans.


The Wallet for MagSafe can also be used with other brand MagSafe cases but without the interlocking feature.


Unlike some other add-on iPhone wallets, Speck's Wallet for MagSafe enables card retrieval without removing the wallet from the iPhone.


Best of all, unlike permanently mounted phone wallet cases, Wallet for MagSafe is easily removable to be placed in a pocket by itself whenever your phone is out of your possession.

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