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Take the worry out of owning and operating a PC with innovative system security, speed optimization, clutter cleanup and more. With one comprehensive program, you can boost performance, fix errors and proactively prevent problems from re-occurring on your PC. From deleting duplicate files, increasing your system's start-up speed and protecting your identity to reclaiming wasted RAM, eliminating crashes and restoring lost data, System Mechanic Premium packs an inclusive arsenal of PC performance and data protection tools that ensure your PC is running like new.
System Mechanic Premium provides a complete and effective PC performance package with a uniquely comprehensive approach to complete computer care with tools that clean, optimize, protect and back up your PC. This software solution will give you the ability to read and write files faster by optimizing critical file storage activity, reclaim wasted RAM, resolve registry problems, block unauthorized startup programs and much more. DriveScrubber provides military-grade file deletion and wipes any drive. Online Backup allows you to access, download, edit and save your data anytime, anywhere and on any PC or mobile device, so you always have your important data at your fingertips with cloud-based technology. Enhanced Tune-Up Definitions ensure the problem-solving capabilities of System Mechanic are automatically updated, allowing the software to fix more than 30,000 different problem areas with surgical precision. Whether you're surfing the Web, gaming, communicating with friends and family, saving photos, music or videos or simply word processing, your PC is important, and System Mechanic Premium will leave you feeling confident that it's working at its best.


Prolongs your PC's life by repairing errors, improving start-up and program speeds, tuning system settings, eliminating performance bottlenecks and cleaning out clutter

Improves speed, fixes annoying errors, stops crashes and freezes, eliminates clutter that bogs down drive space and memory and plugs up security holes that allow hackers to gain access to your PC

Speeds up performance by re-aligning programs with their dependent files using Program Accelerator

CRUDD Remover hunts down unused, unnecessary and redundant programs that cause stabilization problems and slow your PC down

Fixes more than 30,000 different problem types with precision and ensures that your PC continues to be protected against the latest performance threats and system flaws with enhanced, regularly updated Tune-Up Definitions

ActiveCare proactively optimizes your PC using only idle system resources

DriveScrubber provides military-strength file deletion from any drive within Windows, no matter what format

Online Backup securely and automatically stores your most important files off-site, safe from digital disasters

AcceleWrite real-time technology allows faster writing and reading of files by optimizing critical file storage activity and increasing performance on both solid state drives and traditional hard disk drives

Designated Drivers manages critical software by scanning out-of-date device driver programs

SSD Accelerator keeps flash-powered solid state drives running at optimal speeds and prolongs the life of the drive

SmartScan and StrongScan dig deep to find and recover the file you need even after it has been deleted

Duplicate File Inspector identifies unused duplicate files and programs and eliminates them from your PC, while the junk file sweep and Internet cleanup clear up useless files and Web clutter

Security Optimizer identifies and repairs faulty system security settings, while System Guard blocks unauthorized startup programs and configuration changes for improved system safety

Fix hard drive errors with the drive medic, use the Internet Connection Repair to mend faulty connections and revive nonstarting systems with the emergency CD

System Mechanic

Whole Home Licensing allows an unlimited number of PCs in a single-family household to install , so the whole family can share the benefits

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