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The master of pro audio. Samplitude Pro X4 Suite is the perfect studio solution for professional music production and audio engineering, as well as for bands and home studios. Absolute sound neutrality & optimal latency management ensure impressive studio recordings of the highest precision. The performance, as well as the multicore handling, has been optimized: Samplitude now support up to 32 CPU cores. The multitude of virtual instruments and high-quality plug-ins for mixing, mastering and restoration, as well as the new, practical workflows make Samplitude one of the most powerful audio workstations on the market. Important features like automation editing for effect parameters and the MIDI editor have been significantly improved. Additionally, the entire plug-in handling has been redesigned and optimized.


All-in-one package for music and audio production

The best quality in audio processing that meets the highest standards

NEW! Automation Lanes for optimal handling and overview of track automation data

NEW! New plug-in browser for quick and efficient searches for effects and instruments

NEW! Improved performance: Samplitude now supports CPUs with up to 32 cores

NEW! New MIDI editing functions offer unlimited creativity, improved MIDI-Workflow

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 full version

Melodyne 4 Essential for high-quality pitch editing and correction

22 virtual instruments and a full version of MAGIX Independence offer everything a musician needs

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