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Corel Pinnacle Studio 22 Standard is a fun and easy-to-use video editing system for enthusiasts. Pinnacle Studio 22 Standard is optimized for Full HD and 3D formats and offers 6 video and 6 audio tracks for mixing media, effects, transitions, and more. The application features 1500+ effects/filters, simplified color grading, 2-camera multicam editing, and much more.

The many tools and features include stop motion animation, motion 3D titles, wide angle lens correction, and audio ducking. You can instantly post your projects to social media as well as burn them to DVD discs complete with menus and titles. You can also add a Blu-ray burning option that's sold separately within the program.

Pinnacle Studio 22 Standard is Windows compatible. Please see the Features section below for a full list of features, including the new ones added in this release.


  • Full HD 1080p video editing
  • 6 video/6 audio tracks
  • Storyboard and timeline editing
  • Frame-accurate timeline editing
  • Drag-and-drop video editing


  • 1500+ video effects, transitions, titles, and templates
  • MultiCam Capture Lite (2 streams): Record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging tutorial videos
  • Multi-Camera Editing (2 cameras): Sync and align your clips and select which angle to show as the video plays
  • Color Grading (simplified): Enhance your motion picture with powerful color controls and stylize your image to set the tone and mood
  • Selective Color: Highlight a single color in your picture, pushing everything else to black and white
  • Split Screen Video: Show multiple video streams simultaneously with pre-designed templates or create your own template with the Split Screen template creator
  • Motion 3D Titles: Add 3D title presets to your next project or create custom titles with the 3D Title Editor
  • Wide Angle Lens Correction: Remove distortion from wide-angle cameras and straighten the horizon
  • Video Template Creator: Save your finished projects as a video template and select which media to replace with placeholders to fast-track future projects
  • Video Templates: Start with a customized themed montage template to build your movie
  • Stop Motion Animation: Create animated movies frame by frame starring your toys, food, art, and more with easy to use controls
  • ScoreFitter Music Library: Add royalty-free music that automatically adjusts to fit the length of your video
  • SmartMovie Automatic Moviemaking: Drag and drop video, images, and music from your library and create quick photo slideshows
  • Green Screen/Chroma Key: Superimpose your subjects onto virtual backgrounds with the power of green screen

Color Grading (Simplified)

  • Hue and saturation
  • HSL color tuning
  • LUT
  • Luminance

Video Outputs & Sharing

  • Insert chapter points in timeline
  • Burn to DVD disc with chapters and menus with MyDVD (20+ templates)
  • Export to all common video formats
  • Export to specific video extensions
  • Export to mobile devices
  • Export to social media
  • Project packages for easy archive/restore

Formats & Support

  • GoPro LVR
  • HEVC (H.265) import (supporting hardware or graphics card required)
  • 2 channel Dolby Digital
  • 64-bit architecture
  • Intel Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration
  • Support for VFR (variable frame rate) video from iPhone 6 (and higher) and other sources
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