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Create custom animation to share across social media platforms with this digital edition of PhotoMirage. This software breaks down the animation process into simple steps, and convenient on-screen icons help guide you through the process. PhotoMirage features click, drag and release motion arrows that make it easy to isolate and animate your images.

Create moving images without video
Corel has unveiled PhotoMirage, Windows-only software that animates a still photo to create GIF, WMV or MP4 files from a single image.

Professional-looking photo animations in minutes
Click, drag and drop Motion Arrows in the direction you want your image to move. Plot Anchor Points around the areas you want to keep still. Adjust the speed, and watch your photo come to life.

Support for popular photo formats
Compatible with JPEG, RAW, TIFF and PNG, PhotoMirage supports a broad selection of input formats, making it easy to animate any photo.

Designed with simple interface
PhotoMirage allows anyone, from basic users to professional photographers, to use its handy tools, ranging from simple drag-and-drop Animation Arrows to more advanced options such as Visibility Layers.

Social media, e-mail or web
Share your photo animations with family, friends and the world. It's easy to export for various social and sharing platforms. Plus, you can also share through e-mail and to the PhotoMirage user gallery.

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