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Find duplicates: PC Check & Tuning enables you to scan your hard drive for unnecessary duplicated files, such as photos or music and video files. This gives you a clear overview of your computer system and lets you get rid of any garbage data, quickly and easily.

Remove temporary files: Create more space on your hard drive: Many programs leave temporary files during use. PC Check & Tuning recognizes and reports these files so they can be deleted. Save power PC Check & Tuning optimizes your Windows energy saving settings even more: Reduce your power consumption to protect the environment. All without affecting your computer's performance. Organize multimedia files How many photos, videos, and audio files do you have on your computer? PC Check & Tuning helps you to find and eliminate the largest memory-wasting files.

Optimize Windows Services: Windows activates various background processes at each system start. You can speed up your start up procedure easily by deactivating unnecessary services. PC Check & Tuning will help you to identify and deactivate them.


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