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What is Narrator? 


Narrator is a suite of tools that can be used to create audio productions of texts involving one or several voices--and to export those productions as audio files.

Here are five features that we feel make Narrator a great program:

  • Actors: Create voices to bring texts to life, and assign them in the right places.
  • Casting Assistant: Assign (and create) actors automatically.
  • Export to Audio File or directly to iTunes: Take a presentation with you.
  • Chapters: Segment and organize parts of your text to be exported as individual tracks..
  • Import Common File Types: Open .RTF .DOC and .HTML files with Narrator.

Configure, Organize, and Assign Actors

Narrator uses Actors (voice synthesizers provided by Mac OS's VoiceOver utility)--several regular and "Novelty" voices--to make characterization possible. The voices are configurable in a number of different ways, making the possibilities for unique and lively characters nearly endless.

Characters are parts that actors are configured to play.

At the most-basic level, Narrator uses a system of flags to indicate specific points within a text that a character should start speaking. For a text (like a screenplay) that involves dialogue, characters in Narrator can be created to portray specific characters within a text.

Characters are organized in a list on the left-hand side of the window.

Each of the voices Narrator uses is configurable in the following ways:

  • Rate: how fast an actor reads text.
  • Pitch: how high or low the pitch of the actor's voice is while reading text.
  • Inflection: the amount that the actor's tone of voice will modulate (or vary) when speaking the text. Minimal inflection produces a monotone voice; the maximum amount produces a voice that is significantly varied.
  • Volume: how loud (or soft) an actor reads.
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