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Computrace® LoJack® for Laptops is a software-based theft recovery service

LoJack® for Laptops by Absolute® Software is a theft recovery service with remote data and device security. With LoJack for Laptops, if your computer is stolen our dedicated Theft Recovery Team works in parallel with local law enforcement to track it down and return it to you. That's why LoJack® for Laptops offers more than theft recovery. It gives you the power to remotely protect your computer and your data from intruders and thieves.

Downloadable software is not returnable or refundable.

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  • Recover - Get Your Laptop and Your Life Back: If your protected computer is stolen, the Theft Recovery Team can use our patented technology to track it, and work in parallel with local law enforcement to get it back in your hands.
  • Lock - Prevent Use of Your Lost Laptop: Use Device Lock to block your computer remotely, denying potential thieves access to your computer and personal data. You can also choose to display a customized lock-out message on screen.
  • Delete - Protect your Privacy Remotely: Our Data Delete feature helps you prevent costly and traumatic identity theft. With it, you can remotely and selectively erase sensitive files, personal photos, financial data, and stored passwords.
  • Locate - Map Your Laptop's Location: Is your laptop really stolen? Or did you leave it on a business trip? Using GPS or Wi-Fi geolocation, LoJack for Laptops can map and display your laptop's whereabouts.
  • Guaranteed - Get the Reassurance of Our Premium Protection: With our leading technology and experienced Theft Recovery Team, LoJack for Laptops gives you unsurpassed theft recovery service, plus device and data protection.
  • Choose our Premium edition and get our Service Guarantee. If we don't recover your stolen computer or enable the Data Delete service, you could be eligible for a Service Guarantee payment of up to $1000. Conditions apply www.absolute.com/guarantee
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