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Main features:

  • Out of the box: full metal-frame, enclosed 3d printer with massive build volume 280*250*300mm.
  • Patent extruder heated up to 240℃ and heating platform up to 120℃: offers wide 3d print materials compatibility and great print results.
  • FREE slicer support: FlashPrint offers basic slicing features and advanced options for custom printing.
  • Resumes printing: print stops without damaging 3d models when suffering sudden power failure, resumes printing when power is back on.
  • Prints with mainstream 1.75mm filament: PLA, ABS, PETG, Color-change, TPU, and TPE 3d printer materials.
  • Filament check: filament sensor detects material usage and notifies you when the filament is running out or broken, greatly improves print efficiency.
  • 5-inch touchscreen: visual 3d prints set up, simplifies operation and ensures accuracy.
  • Wireless 3d printing & Cloud printing: supports 3d files transfer via USB cable, SD card, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, FlashCloud, and PolarCloud.
  • One spool of random filament is included (1000g).

Cost-effective Large-sized
Industrial Grade Desktop 3D PrinterCost-effective large size industrial 3d printer Flashforge Guider II | Flashforgeshop

Key Features

Resume Printing from Power Failure

Support Multiple Filaments

Heating Platform

Filament Detection

New Extruder Construction

Guider II upgraded its extruder construction to create better airflow. The new design heats up quickly. Better ventilation helps to achieve consistent 3d printing and great quality.
Flashforge Guider II 3d printer upgraded extruder construction | Flashforgeshop
Flashforge Guider II 3d printer resume 3d printing after power failure | Flashforgeshop

Resume Print from Power Failure

Ever bothered by sudden power failure, especially when printing large 3d models? Guider II's resume print feature helps save the printing process when the power turns off, and recover print from where it was left off, without the time and filaments waste.

Full Metal Frame Design

A fully enclosed 3d printer design helps provide stable chamber temperature for 3d printing. Its 38kg full-metal rigid frame ensures sturdy build condition and slippery movement, which brings down the level of noise and improves printing fluency & accuracy.

Flashforge Guider II 3d printer heatable plate | Flashforgeshop

5-inch Color Touchscreen

Literally, you can set up all 3d printing operations on Guider II's large touchscreen: start prints, preheat extruder and platform temperatures, load/unload filament, bed-leveling, and more! Simplifies operation and avoids making any mistakes.

Open Filament System

Guider II can print filaments from ESUN, DuPont, Polymaker & other manufacturers, including PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, PETG, TPU, Wood-filled, Electric, Flexible, TPE.
Flashforge filaments offer perfect performance. Buy Flashforge 3d printer & filament bundle for less cost, shorter lead time!

Flashforge Guider II 3d printer supports PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, PETG, TPU, Wood-filled, Electric, Flexible, TPE filament | Flashforgeshop

Flashforge Guider II 3D Printer Application

Guider II is loved by serious hobbyists and professionals with production demands. Here are some of Guider II users printed 3d parts for your reference. Grab your machine and build something remarkable!
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