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  • 3D Printing Enhancements – Three new commands have been added to check for watertight 3D models. These new commands (which can also be run from BasicCAD) allow you to: examine a 3D solid model and determine if it is water tight; check if a Boolean operation will result in a watertight model; and evaluate a Solid Surface for leaks and for the presence of extra facets which may preclude water tightness of the 3D model.    A watertight model is essential when doing 3D printing of your designs.
  • New Icon Scaling - New option is a great user interface enhancement which allows you to scale your program icons from anywhere between 16 to 64 pixels. 
  • Rendering Enhancements – A host of rendering improvements have been made to 3D Max 2018 that allow for dynamic and realistic viewing of 3D models.  These enhancements include: Mixed Mode Rendering, which allows for  a combination display of shaded  solid and visible wireframe;  Normals Render, an OpenGL render mode that displays facets, planes and grids in different colors based on whether they are inward or outward facing, selected or unselected; and improved rendering of Mirrored solids.  In addition, DesignCAD's Solid 3D primitives have been re-tooled so that they are always created with outward-facing Normals.
  • New Dynamic Scaling of Text – This new Text option makes drawing of 2D and 3D text more consistent with one another. Now both kinds of text can be drawn at a preset size, or drawn so that they scale proportionally between the first and second points set.
  • AutoCAD 2018 Import/Export Support - DesignCAD 2018 is now able to import DWG and DXF files in AutoCAD 2018 format, and able to Export DWG and DXF files to AutoCAD 2018 format.

  • New AutoHatch Feature - DesignCAD 2018 adds the ability to automatically create a hatch fill pattern in 2D shapes without having to separately run the Hatch, Hatch Line, or Hatch Fill. The current AutoHatch pattern can be set from the AutoHatch Settings in the Options menu; the pattern for an existing object can be changed from the AutoHatch Settings in the Info Box's toolbar.

  • Improved NURB Curve Control – For 2D and 3D curves, this new command places a cage of control points around the curve for greater control over the curve’s geometry. Both quadratic and cubic rules are supported.
  • Improved UI and Usability – Enhancements include menu and dialog boxes now scale to the Windows text scaling setting; an improved Purged Unused Blocks command; an improved Save As command; and improved Info Box.
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