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Portable power for USB Type-C equipped Dell Ultrabooks, Notebooks and tablets

The Dell Power Companion (12,000 mAh) USB-C lets you bring extra power with you, so you can be more productive. This handy device powers select Dell Notebooks and Ultrabooks via your notebook’s USB-C port, as well as up to two smartphones, tablets or other USB-enabled devices. The Dell Power Companion is lightweight and compact, so you can stay powered on-the-go without adding bulk to your bag.

12,000 mAh battery provides reliable, powerful backup power: The compact and convenient Dell Power Companion features a 12,000 mAh six-cell battery that provides reliable power when you’re on the go and is easily charged using your Dell power adapter. The Dell Power Companion (12,000 mAh) USB-C can be charged and powered by 4.5mm, 7.4mm or USB-C Dell power adapters. A five-segment LED clearly displays how much power is left, so you can plan accordingly.



  • Simultaneous device charging on-the-go
  • Compatible with next-generation tablets, Ultrabook, notebooks using USB Type-C charging
  • Individually: 8-12 hours extra run time for notebooks. 42 hours extra run time for tablets and smartphones fast charging (>80% in 1 hour)
  • Charge your notebook in your bag in system-off mode. 
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