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Magix MAC 3 overview

Designed for use with mac computers, magix entertainment audio master suite mac 3 includes the sound forge pro mac 3 audio waveform editor software, spectralayers pro 4 advanced audio spectrum editor software, izotope rx elements audio restoration and enhancement software, and izotope ozone 7 elements mastering software for beginners. Working seamlessly together, these four applications provide audio professionals with a powerful set of tools for mixing, mastering, repair and restoration, sound design, forensics, analysis, and more.

Sound forge pro mac 3 offers multichannel recording and editing, intuitive workflows, advanced signal processing, and a variety of effects to render master files with ease. Spectralayers pro 4 is a spectral editing platform that allows you to visually work with audio. The software arranges the frequency spectrum of your audio files in layers, making it easy to extract, transpose, and optimize their individual sound components.

Izotope rx elements offers comprehensive editing options, spectral editing, and also contains four essential plug-ins for real-time audio editing. Izotope ozone 7 elements provides you with simple tools to effortlessly get your mixes radio- and streaming-ready.

Magix sound forge pro mac 3 - audio waveform editor.

Sound forge pro mac 3 from magix entertainment is an advanced audio waveform editor optimized for the mac os x environment. It provides audio engineers with an extensive suite of restoration, repair, editing, and mastering tools, to record and produce broadcast- and streaming-ready audio master files, for music, dialog, video, and more.

Sound forge pro 3 features a flexible interface that can be easily configured to optimize your workflow for the task at hand. The software is equipped with a powerful audio engine that lets you simultaneously record up to 32 channels of high-resolution audio at 24-bit / 192 khz. Precise control over the editing process is achieved with the ability to edit at the sample-waveform level, using the included spectralayers pro 4 spectral editor. Distorted audio files can be restored with the izotope de-clip plug-in, which detects and repairs clipping artifacts, while the izotope voice de-noise plug-in works to enhance vocals and dialog clarity by reducing background noise.

To help deliver a full and loud final master, sound forge pro 3 comes with mastering plug-ins that include the wave hammer compressor/limiter and izotope ozone elements. In addition, the automatic loudness leveling combined with the loudness meters simplify the process of finalizing aes/ebu-compliant, broadcast-ready audio-master files, and ensure compliance with broadcast loudness regulations such as the calm act

Magix spectralayers pro 4 - advanced audio spectrum editor

Spectralayers pro 4 from magix entertainment is an advanced spectrum editor that allows for working with the individual sounds in an audio file as if they were objects in a photograph. Using graphic representation, users can make detailed repairs with precise tools, move sounds around, reduce noise, increase clarity, or get totally creative and transform a sound file into something new and different.

The software provides audio mastering engineers with the tools for making small fixes or radical, project-wide transformations to their audio. Sound designers and remix artists are able to isolate individual sounds in an audio file, selecting material by frequency, and constructing new music directly on the spectral graph. Audio archivists can make old recordings sound their best.

Audio-for-video producers have the options to remove isolated sonic events and eliminate unwanted noise with extreme precision, by applying bandwidth-limited noiseprints across entire audio files. Forensic specialists can pull out target sounds for analysis, while music and dialog extraction can be performed for replacement or rights management purposes.

Other features include pitch correction as well as spectral casting/spectral molding, a process that uses the frequency spectrum of one layer as a cast or mold for carving an impression directly into the spectrum of a second layer. Furthermore, spectralayers pro 4 works seamlessly with avid pro tools and sound forge pro, among other daws

Izotope rx elements audio restoration and enhancement software.

Designed to introduce users to the powerful possibilities of editing audio within the rx platform, izotope’s rx elements comprises four of the real-time modules inside of rx 7 alongside their standalone audio editor. This provides the ability to use spectral editing to visualize audio and make precision adjustments to the frequency spectrum. The software is available for download and can operate either as a standalone application or as a plug-in for mac- and windows-based daws and nles. Thus, it is suitable for editing audio and audio-for-video.

The four modules, which double as plug-ins, are de-click, de-clip, de-hum, and voice de-noise. De-click allows you to eliminate troublesome clicks or pops that can arise from any number of errant issues. De-clip can significantly improve the quality of audio that has been pushed past the digital ceiling into the realms of unpleasant distortion. De-hum is useful in eliminating unwanted droning elements from recordings (such as refrigerator hums). The zero-latency voice de-noise has been designed to focus on dialogue and vocals, giving you an optional adaptive mode that can adjust to a changing noise floor in real time. There are also optimization modes for dialogue and music. When optimized for music, voice de-noise can attenuate unwanted background noise from air conditioners, or street noise from vocals in apartment-recording scenarios.

Offline editing is also possible with rx elements. In the standalone audio editor, you can use the module chain to quicken your flow, normalize audio, address its polarity, change its gain, and more. Additionally, you can use the spectral-editing capabilities to select specific parts of the frequency band and process only your selections—a useful tool for taming an unwanted frequency bloom, for example.

Izotope ozone 7 elements - mastering software for beginners.

Available for download, ozone elements by izotope has been designed to give beginners a simple and effective tool to use when mastering audio in their productions. It utilizes the same technology of the well-regarded ozone bundle, but compacts all the variable controls of ozone into a variety of presets—over 70 in all, divvied into genre-specific, artist-signature, and all-purpose categories.

Choosing a preset will instantiate a suitable eq curve and compression setting. These will stay under the hood, so to speak, but after selecting a preset, you can tweak the eq and dynamics sliders to dial in the amount of eq or compression you'd like to bring to the track. Once these settings have been calibrated to your satisfaction, you can bring the song up to a competitive volume with the maximizer, which utilizes one of the irc algorithms present in ozone 7's oft-utilized plug-in suite. This plug-in works in vst, au, rtas, and aax formats, and is compatible with mac and windows machines.

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